dear that_pope

you are a ****ing moron
betting kk into trup qq

– nwerle

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doh’s post

This dude I knew was a total piece of trash garbage and cheated on all his g.f.’s and was such a pig in college. I had a friend who was the kindest sweetest girl you’d ever meet and she fell in love with him. I warned her and tried to be there for her. He ruined her in so many ways. She told me he was a freak and made her do really kinky **** she didn’t want to, threesomes with other girls, men, watch her with multiple guys, peeing, making her **** him in the ass with dildoes and forcing her to suck the dildo. Really nasty stuff.

I knew of this dude from a few acquaintances but never really met him
As I was formerly hot (now I’m just a hot mess… ask Kevroc he’s seen me in person) I found myself stalking this dude a bit. I’m a kink freak myself so I’m all about the nasty but this girl was so sweet and pristine it made my blood boil knowing what he made her do and what she was willing to do for him (and a bit jealous)

He travels in a circle of friends a bit outside my own but I happened to see him at a New Years Eve party thrown by one of my random college acquaintances back in the day. So I started talking with him and knowing what I knew of him from his ex we hit it off famously. I was talking about wanting to break in the new year with a new girl and he said he was looking for the same thing. I told him I’d wing him if he’d wing me and it was on like popcorn.

We met this girl who seemed very D.T.F. She was all about me and then I introduced my new “friend” we all got pretty wasted but I was spitting my shots into my beer as we went along so I didn’t get drunk.

My “friend” goes to the bathroom and I tell the girl that we are boyfriends and we really want to share a girl and have her eat our asses and let us piss on her. She’s drunk but not that drunk and was a bit grossed out and leaves in a bit of a huff.

My “friend” comes back out and asks where the girl went and I say that she took off as her g.f.’s totally **** blocked me. He is drunk and mutters his annoyance and I tell him “no worries, I’m gonna go back to my place and do some blow, wanna join?”

He does and we go back to my place and although I had no blow I had some more liquor and beer so I apologize and break out the beers. I put on the boob toob and we’re watching some lame **** and I suggest I pop in a porn as “this is boring”

He’s down and I pop it in. Real nasty porn where two dudes are double vag’ing a chick. I notice his wood and say to him. You ever do that with a friend? He drunkenly replies “mah brah’s are pussies, they never want to do anything like that”

I reply “whatever man, nothing wrong with a little ****ing around. A hole is a hole right?” He agrees and I excuse myself to the bathroom. I tell him to get comfortable and make himself at home (he’s practically passed out so anymore comfortable he’d be unconscious) surprisingly he still has wood while the porn is on (ah to be 20 years old again) although he is semi conscious.

I go to the bathroom and wash my hands and get some lube. I take off my clothes and walk back into the room hard as a rock. He notices and says “WTF?!” I say “dude, calm down. I need to yank one off before bed, you can go if you want. Since dude had his car back at the party and it was New Years Eve no car service would really be available. I think he drunkenly weighed his options and just didn’t care that much.

Now keep in mind I used to be hot. Along the lines of Mattjoez but more muscular and less Euro. (sorry Mattjoez, eat a sangwhich meng and lift some coins)

So I’m yanking it and pass him the lube and say “Happy new year dude” He grabs it and starts yanking (grabs the lube) I don’t say anything and just start going down on him. He is not apprehensive at all and starts talking nasty **** to me.

I start eating his hole and he is ****ing in heaven. I finger him and he relents a bit but lets me do it. I tell him how I thought he was ****ing awesome and he must have to fight the girls off with a stick. He smile and said “its a tough job but someone has to do it right?” (such a douche)

So I say that I know he wants more than a finger and that I can tell he’s a freak and wants my dick. He smiles and says he’s not sure but he likes his ass played with. He’s still slurring but he definitely seems DTF.

I immediately lube up and pull him off the couch onto the floor. He seemed out of sorts and I lubed his hole a bit then slid in raw dawg. He was in a lot of pain (Part Puerto Rican… guess which part?) but loosened up quick. He struggled and said he shouldn’t. I said “shouldn’t what? like all the girls that I’m sure shouldn’t have done **** you probably made them to? You love that dick in your ass like a little bitch. So I’m pounding away with my bodyweight on top of him with his hands behind his back.

I tell him I’m gonna cum and I know he wants my ****ing load. He doesn’t even move and I finish inside him. I laid on top of him for 3 or 4 mins then got up and said I should probably drive him back to his car. He still was very dissoriented and seemed embarrassed.

I drive him back and told him I never did that and I’m not sure I should have. He says dont’ worry, I wont tell anyone… just dont tell anyone what happened. I agree and while he’s getting out of my car. I get out and tell him that I’m really sorry but he should get tested for HIV as soon as he can and for after three months go back as that is the window period.

I mentioned that I had sex with a few male prostitutes raw and that I was confused about my sexuality (not confused anymore FWIW) and slept with male hookers to experiment. I told him one of the guys called me recently and let me know he was HIV+ and I should get tested so I suggested my new “friend” get tested as well.

Never told my sweet girlfriend about it but the look on her exes face when we saw him at a school alumni event a few years later was priceless.

I wonder what those three months were like for him?

Yeah I know GOS? Yes Yes I am GOS? Still would bang a bitch if I’m hard up though and she’s DTF as I’m not the specimen I used to be. Now I look like a “before” picture LOL… sob.

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